F.A.Q's - Battery Powered Pool Cleaners
Q: How long will the Pool Blaster run on a full charge?
A: Pool Blaster MAX and MAX CG - About 1 hour;
Pool Blaster Catfish – About 45 minutes;
Aqua Broom – 3 hours on 1 set of “D” cell batteries

Q: How long will it take to recharge a Pool Blaster?
A: Between 10 and 12 hours

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: It is rated at 1,000 hours, or about five years using it as frequently as 200 hours a year, more often than most pool owners will ever use it.

Q: Can I buy a new battery?
A: You must purchase a battery motor box, which contains the battery, motor and electrical components but you probably will not need one for about five years.

Q: How difficult is it to clean and replace the filter bag?
A: It is very easy and should only take you a minute or two to remove, clean and replace the filter bag.

Q: How long will a filter bag last?
A: About two seasons depending on usage

Q: How often should I clean out my Pool Blaster Filter bag?
A: If you notice that the Pool Blaster is not picking up debris as you vacuum the pool, this is an indication that the bag needs to be emptied. The bag should always be emptied at the end of each use to prevent small particles from drying in the fabric and clogging the bag.

Q: Are there any hoses?
A: There are no hoses, the Pool Blaster is battery operated and completely self contained.

Q: What is the minimal inches my cleaner can work submerged?
A: Aqua Broom: 5 in. Catfish: 9 in. w/nose cap 11 in. w/vac head   Pool Blaster Max / Max CG: 12 in. w/nose cap 14in. w/vac head  Pro 900 15 in. w/nose cap 17 in w/vac head Pro 1500 15 in. w/nose cap 23 in. w/vac head

Q: What do I do if my Pool Blaster has stopped taking a charge?
A: You can call the Water Tech Customer Service Department at (800) 298-8800, or
Click Here to access our Return Merchandise Authorization System.

Q: Fine sand and silt is passing through my all-purpose filter bag, what can I do?
A: You can obtain a finer sand & silt bag or optional micro filter bags at this
link for parts

Q. What is the difference between the Aqua Broom, the Catfish, the Pool Buster Max and the Pool Buster CG?
A: Primarily the differences lie in their features and performance capabilities.
Click here for comparison chart.

Q. I see Pool Buster Max and Pool Buster CG mentioned but I don't see it offered in your product line?
A: A recent re-branding campaign officially changed the Pool Buster™ re-chargeable, battery powered, underwater vacuum cleaner. The new brand name is the Pool Blaster™ and was chosen to more closely mirror the power and functionality of the product. In an effort to redefine the power of the product, which vacuums up everything from rocks and gravel to leaves and other debris, the product has been renamed Pool Blaster™ to reflect the power of the unit to ‘blast’ out all debris from the pool without hoses or poles.

The name has also been applied to the company’s entire line of cleaning products which includes the Pool Blaster™ Aqua Broom, Pool Blaster™ Catfish, Pool Blaster™ MAX and recently added Pool Blaster MAX CG or commercial grade—which works for up to one hour before needing to be re-charged, making it ideal for commercial aquatic facilities. “We have already received very positive feedback from our customers who feel the name more closely mirrors the product’s capabilities.